HMHB Zen Tots TM is our self-awareness and character building program for ages 2-4.


Lessons in breath, loving kindness, ”feeling feelings,” nature, sharing & caring, color connection, memory, and focus can easi-
ly be taught in pre-schools, nursery schools, after-care programs, and at home. Calming daily practices, songs, dances, coloring pages, and games give your tot tools to develop greater insight into themselves and others around them. Grown Ups have learning materials too, to grow with their tots.  

Give tots the tools they need to grow from the inside out right from the start! Watch the HELLO video next to this for more info. 

toddlers meditating
pre schoolers meditating
family meditation
great nursury school mindfulness program
early childhood character education

Developing Focus, Awareness, 

Memory &

Motor Skills

Play Develops Relationship with Color, Nature,

 Sharing & Caring 

Simple Videos & Handouts Teach Grown Ups & Tots Together

Easy To Teach  at School & Home

Giving Tots the Tools To Help Themselves

Explore Inner Space!

Check Out The First Two Lessons!

Info Kit

Lesson One

Lesson Two

1) Lesson Page

2) Power of Breath Article 

3) Coloring Page

1) Lesson Page

2) Light Song Lyrics  

3) Coloring Page