Wellness Education is for everyone. Our thoughts and feelings impact absolutely everything we do. When schools and societies place priority on well-being in education, everyone thrives academically, socially, and emotionally! There are many tools and systems available today to help individuals, and particularly students, to strengthen the health of their mind and body, including: 

  • Mindful Meditation

  • Character Education

  • Law of Attraction 

  • Positive Psychology 

  • Holistic Psychology & Counseling 

  • Clinical Psychology 

  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) 

  • Physical Education 

  • Growth Mindset


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Although HMHB shares the same essence of these examples of personal development, we pride ourselves on providing a universal, accessible, practical, and comprehensive wellness system, rooted in awareness, that works in existing education systems, with kids learning how to help themselves for life. We've collaborated with schools, counselors & families to deliver a program unlike any other. 

See what sets HMHB apart.

IT'S FUN & EASY TO LEARN. "Helping kids help themselves" translates to giving kids (and grown ups!) the tools and practices they need to be in charge of their own mental health and self-understanding. Kids are capable of so much, and there are concrete goals in HMHB children can work towards in their own emotional development. Our content has been developed to be easily accessible, joyful, and filled with choices, so children stay engaged. "Test drive" the first weeks of our programs here on our site.






We provide weekly support to our Group Leaders and a step-by-step instructions in every program. The learning content is provided in easy mini-lesson videos, so all the heavy lifting of teaching content is done for Group Leaders! Group Leader Foundations training is available in our HMHB Shop


We offer a year of free coaching in compassionate leadership for any student that wishes to become an HMHB Student Ambassador. We also train teens to help start HMHB Teen Club Zen in their schools and communities. We conduct surveys frequently, and strive to make our programs better all the time. 

we ARE THE FULL ENCHILADA.  We've spent over forty years learning from all world wellness traditions to give anyone, aged 5 or 55, the very best for self-transformation, self-understanding, self-healing, and conscious evolution. We've rolled Character Education, Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Growth Mindset, Kinetic Psychology, Health Science, Holistic Psychology, and Unique Awareness Practices into the "full enchilada" of wellness learning systems.  Children and adults learn by experience with HMHB:  

  • about kindness, compassion, empathy, gratitude, humility, citizenship, truthfulness, & much more

  • practices for greater calm, genuine control through observation, and balance of the mind & body

  • how to "face it and erase it" or "feel it to heal it" with any thought or emotion 

  • strategies for developing discipline, focus, self-observation, persistence, patience, and self-insight 

  • an understanding that everything is energy and that we're all connected (backed by science)  

  • how to help prevent disease and maintain health through the mind-body connection

  • practices not being taught anywhere else for self-evolution 

WE OFFER ACCESSIBLE & PRACTICAL TOOLS. For many people (and schools) "mindfulness" or "quiet contemplation" is something they are open to, but don't know how to start, what it really is, or how to implement it practically in our day to day to help us help ourselves.  The essence of mindfulness is awareness practice in all aspects of our lives. We have taken the guess work out, and have created a simple system that extends past a five minute morning practice. A daily awareness practice is fundamental for calming, focusing, and observing the mind and emotions, but this does not go far enough.  It is a common misconception that thoughts and feelings cannot be truly changed, rather only observed, temporarily calmed, dismissed, suppressed, medicated, or mentally "reframed".  At the foundation of HMHB is continual awareness of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations which serves development both in and out the classroom. By activating this innate muscle of self-awareness, we strengthen our ability to process and heal the pain caused by our own thoughts and feelings to make lasting change! Awareness is then put to its fullest potential when integrated with kinetic psychology tools, where you "feel a feeling" and feel it breakdown in the body, anytime, anywhere.  (See our blogs What is Meditation Anyway, Really?, Beyond Mindfulness  and The Promise of Kinetic Psychology for more information.)



 ZEN TOTS (for ages 2-4, perfect for pre-schools, "parent & me" classes, daycare, and aftercare. See the first two lessons by clicking Zen Tots.)

HMHB KIDS PROGRAM  (for grades K-6, our most comprehensive program geared for schools, groups, and families. Practice the first three weeks of either our K-3 or 4th-6th full HMHB Kids Program, by clicking HMHB Kids Program.) 

 TEEN CLUB ZEN (a club or class for teens to learn real tools for real change. Practice TCZ tools by clicking on Teen Club Zen.) 

we're affordable & acceSSIBLE. HMHB is the youth division of the nonprofit Adventure In Consciousness. We sought to create comprehensive content and have made pricing affordable for groups and schools of all sizes (about $12 per child for a year of learning). See below for individual program pricing information. HMHB is approved for both secular and religious institutions. Our curriculum is digital for ease of distribution.  We are a reputable nonprofit with aspiring goals, and you can check us out on guidestar.org. 


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