HMHB is amazing! I started two years ago, and was really skeptical and thought meditation was so boring. I had severe anger issues, and I was all over the place. HMHB taught me really cool tools like "dropping" your mind, heart-opening, and more...I really recommend learning HMHB. When I look at myself now, I feel more calm and accomplished thanks to HMHB, and it really works! 

hmhb kids program testimonials

Sara, 12

 What's the HMHB buzz? 

Nina, 4

kindergarten testimonial
hmhb testimonials

Nicolas, 9

HMHB tools WORK. I've been using SLT and Light Meditation for a few months now and my mom asked me why I was acting so different.  

I was sad before we practiced and now I feel so happy in my heart, and my whole body feels happy now too!

Tashiana, 11

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Thank You so much for the HMHB lesson today. I really enjoyed it. I could really feel the positive energy entering and the negative energy exiting. I will do these techniques everyday.

inner city testimonials

Shane, 14

Practice helped me after the election. I used my face it and erase it tools to make myself calm. I couldn't have done it without SLT. It works for anyone, and it works well.

inner city testimonials

HMHB has helped me stay calm through hard times. I have had some friends be mean to me, and it has helped me through it. I do daily practice with a candle in my room and it helps a lot. Ever since I started the daily practice I have been so much more humble. My feelings I'm working on have been very hard to break, but I've gotten them down to a 2 from a 10 so far and it's only been a few weeks. 

Emma, 13

inner city testimonials

J.J,  10

HMHB tools are very helpful because they help me get rid of my negative emotions like anger. One time using SLT I even got rid of my feeling of injustice. I have not had any problems lately. I have not gotten into fights. I am able to control my anger by facing the feeling & erasing it. 


inner city testimonials

HMHB is like tapioca pudding. At first you're like "what is this?" and then you take a bite of daily practice and it's chewy, and you keep chewing, and the tastier it gets. 

Kyle,  12