A HMHB student ambassador has completed the entire HMHB Kids Program or has helped lead their fellow teens in HMHB Teen Club Zen. They are under the age of 18, and have submitted an application asking how HMHB has impacted their life and how they'd like to help others. Once applications have been seen by HMHB administrators, kids and teens can become student ambassadors. 


HMHB student ambassadors lead by example by practicing daily meditation, face it & erase it tools, and the good character qualities they learned in the HMHB program. They also help others to experience and understand the incredible power of the HMHB tools!


A student ambassador receives: 

  • a certificate from HMHB 

  • a free year-long subscription to our members only content

  • their own profile on this student ambassador page

  • free coaching & mentoring from our teaching staff to help them achieve their goals for helping others (compassionate leadership)

  • an invitation to national & international student ambassador events

  • the opportunity to submit videos and writings for the HMHB blog (for the whole HMHB community to enjoy!) 

kids helping kids, student ambassador program

Bethany, 14


girl student ambassador

THREE WORDS ABOUT ME:  Sarcastic, Direct, Calm.


I WOULD LIKE: To make the world a friendlier place and help others teens by helping HMHB Teen Club Zen. 

FAVORITE HMHB PRACTICE: Alternate Nostril Breathing, because it's simple, but nice and calming. 

boy student ambassador

Stella, 7


boy student ambassador

Julian, 10


THREE WORDS ABOUT ME:  Meditation Solves My Problems (four words!)


I WOULD LIKE: To put everyone and everything that is suffering in the Light, and write a book about meditation to help others that costs no money to buy. 

FAVORITE HMHB PRACTICE: Anandamayi Chant (first time he ever felt like he was floating during meditation, though no longer included in our full program--just ask us about it though!), Lightning Bolts (from Clearing Practice) and of course, Stop, Drop, Chop. 

Gavin, 8


boy student ambassador

THREE WORDS ABOUT ME:  Persistent, Kind, Courageous

HOW HMHB HELPED ME:  It has helped me to develop kindness towards my sister. 


I WOULD LIKE: to become a great leader. 

FAVORITE HMHB PRACTICE: SLT® (Self-Liberation Technique)

THREE WORDS ABOUT ME:  Calm, Consistent, Accepting 

HOW HMHB HELPED ME:  It has helped me erase negative emotions. 


I WOULD LIKE: To teach people this noble art of HMHB.