The Promise of Kinetic Psychology

Kinetic Psychology is the study of how our thoughts and emotions move within the body as energy, along with how they present themselves externally, commonly referred to as "body language".

Kinetic means "movement" and by definition "relates to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith."

Traditional Kinetic Psychology information refers to non-verbal cues expressed by a person's facial expression, gestures, body movements, and posture as a means to evaluate someone's mental state in a clinical setting. Psychologists use Kinetic Information to tell how a person is feeling, and the intensity of emotion he or she is experiencing. For example, when we see someone frowning, nostrils flaring, and brows furrowed, we can tell that they're feeling angry. If they are making big gestures with their arms and pounding their fists, we can guess that the person is fuming mad.

But HMHB takes Kinetic Psychology to an even more promising frontier. Not only can we look to external cues for greater understanding of our emotions and the emotions of others, but we can use our awareness to feel the movement of the kinetic energy of our thoughts and emotions inside our bodies. This is where the science becomes really incredible!

"The cell is a machine driven by energy. It can thus be approached by studying matter, or by studying energy. In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy."

- Albert Sent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine

Even though we can't always see the energy of our emotions,

(E) motion = energy in motion

we can certainly train our awareness to feel it within our bodies. This is where we can start transforming our thoughts and feelings. Energy can transform from one type to another, but it can never be destroyed or created. When we use Kinetic Psychology practices, we can genuinely "feel a feeling" inside and the energy of the feeling can be transformed for good!

The body is composed of energy pathways and energy centers that are in dynamic interplay with all our cells, organs, emotions, and thoughts. These energies include electromagnetic impulses, such as those that can be recorded by an MRI or EEG, as well as more subtle energies, which existing scientific instruments are not able to detect. Kinetic Psychology and Energy Psychology as fields of medicine are maturing, drawing from conventional systems of psychotherapies for over the past thirty years, as well as ancient wisdom teachings framed with a modern understanding. Kinetic Psychology draws from practices like stimulating points on the skin paired with specific mental activities that can instantly shift the brain's electrochemistry. These procedural practices allow virtually anyone to have greater emotional control, inner space insight, and genuine transformation of inner nature they can feel from the inside out!

Kinetic Psychology is a growing field and is applicable to a wide range of areas, including psychotherapy, counseling, education, vocational guidance, physical health, pain management, sports & peak performance training, preventative mental health, and trauma-informed care. As a society and scientific community we are slowly beginning to understand through our own experience and clinical study the greater depths and potential of the mind-body connection.


Mindfulness: What is it? Where Does It Come From? by Ronald D. Siegel PsyD, Christopher K. Germer PhD, & Andrew Olendzki, PhD from the Clinical Handbook of Mindfulness

The Promise of Energy Psychology, Revolutionary Tools For Dramatic Personal Changeby David Feinstein, Donna Eden, and Gary Craig.

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