Practice Makes Progress

​Do you think about wanting to meditate? Do you think about making more time for yourself to be quiet? Do you wish you were more able to help yourself in stressful and challenging moments?

It's nice you're thinking about those things. That's the first step-- well actually, it's not really a step. It's like thinking about a pool when you want to learn how to swim.

We prevent ourselves from really committing to anything new because we allow our minds to distract, confuse, disrupt, or create obstacles like:

"I'll do it when I go on vacation, when I really have time"

"When my kids get a little bigger I can have more time to myself"

"It's just too hard to be consistent"

"I have so much other stuff I HAVE to get done"


Honestly, it's human nature to reject change. Change is a disruption. Change is insight. Change is uncomfortable. Change is effort. Change brings up our fears. Change shows us we're not really as great as we thought we were. Change forces us to change!

Our brains in fact feel their vulnerability, knowing they are only surrounded by a small skull, and project thoughts of fear and self-protection all the time--- whether it has actually anything to do with what's happening to us in reality.

The thing is, if you can't make the effort to change right now, in the moment, when your life is the way it is now, then you won't do it when you go on vacation, or when the kids get older, etc. Change isn't complicated, it's just a choice to BEGIN.

Then you say, "well I can begin, but I can't really keep it going." The answer to that is: Don't get it perfect, just get it going. So many times we prevent ourselves from going any further because we don't feel like we're doing something good enough, or that it's not "working" the way we imagined -- basically our mind is creating an expectation of an outcome, in turn creating more obstacles for ourselves.

In fact, our et