HMHB Does Character Education

What is Character Education? Our character is the collection of all our thoughts, words, and actions. Character is how we see the world and how the world sees us. Character is our mental, emotional, and social health! So character education is how we develop better, more intentional thoughts, words, and actions from the inside out!

In HMHB full programs we go deeper into how to work on oneself, how to develop insight, and what truth, gratitude, compassion, love, sincerity, citizenship, bravery, and leadership really are. We set high bars for character, and present character as an ever-evolving practice we joyfully do throughout our lives.

One well-loved part of our character education is the HMHB Kindness Campaign. The HMHB Kindness Campaign is meant to help children become much more aware of their reactions towards others and to "face and erase" the painful emotions inside that prevent us from acting with kindness. Our pain is what makes us selfish and mean, so when we observe ourselves with awareness, we can transform our pain and become in turn happier and kinder individuals.

The HMHB Kindness Campaign helps dramatically with conflict resolution, especially when others do things we do not like. We introduce how to put into action the golden rule, how to open the heart center, how to send kind wishes with our friend "Light", and how to practice speaking only to be truthful, helpful, or to make someone smile. We also work on the feelings of pridefulness, or feelings of unworthiness of giving or receiving kindness.

Zen Dough (a lesson in our relationship to money and material responsibility), the Awareness Relay-Race, a Digital Detox, and the HMHB Citizenship project (called #spreadthegood project too) follows the Kindness Campaign in our full programs. The awareness relay race is like a field day, but for developing patience and awareness for the mind and body! The HMHB Citizenship project enriches kids experiencing activism, self-giving, and volunteerism in their own homes, schools, and communities by utilizing their own time, talents, and energy.

Our goal with HMHB is to empower kids with the tools they need to help themselves better their character in every aspect of lives.