HMHB Does Conflict Resolution

You've seen kids on the playground. One moment it's everyone playing with the ball nicely, then in a flash the game escalates to someone being aggressive, or not being fair, or saying something "not nice."

The common response is for an adult to halt the action verbally or physically, pull kids aside, ask about the problem, and try to establish meaningful communication through a mix of instruction, listening, inquiry, compromise, then potentially a verbal apology.

While this is a widely accepted progression for conflict resolution, it's still not getting the problem at the root. While it's necessary to understand the cause of the conflict through communication with the children involved, solving the problem goes deeper.

The conflict came from a negative feeling within one child, who then expressed it verbally or physically, then the negative energy expressed, interacted, reacted inside another child. What we say to try and solve the problem is on the surface thinking level. What we observe going on inside of us is the truth, and when we observe the problem at its root, and face and erase, we can stop it in its tracks--for good.

Every time a face it and erase it tool is used, awareness develops, insight develops, and our Higher Consciousness (our innate goodness and awareness, and the silence behind all our thoughts) is strengthened, changing us on a deep inner level.

Here's how HMHB does conflict resolution-- whether it be on a playground, between a teacher and student, within families, or in personal relationships:

1. Someone expresses a negative feeling verbally, physically, or in attitude.

2. Someone else reacts internally or externally to the negative stimulus.

3. Both parties need to stop, or have someone prompt them to stop speaking and moving entirely (ideally done right on the spot, or if safety is a concern then walk to a safe, quiet area to continue.) You can simply say "freeze."