The smartest thing an HMHB student said all year.

One of our kindergarten students, Sierra, has become an even more insightful person this year. Just this past week in class she said something most adults we know don't understand, or would never admit. While we were going 'round the circle, and talking about things we learned or observed about ourselves during the past week, here's what Sierra had to say:

"Well, I did my practice, and you know, it made me feel calm inside, but it didn't get rid of my angry feelings. The only thing that really gets rid of my angry feelings are the face it and erase it tools. I used SLT and my feeling went away!"

Oh boy, is she right! Traditional meditation can calm the mind, and help us develop the awareness we need to face and erase, but it doesn't take the feeling out at the root. You have to use the face it & erase it tools for that: the three questions, SLT, eye movement, finger tapping, or stop, drop, chop, and always attention on "feeling the feeling". You can also "feel the feeling" while doing a connection practice in order to get at those big feelings too!

Way to go Sierra! #helpingkidshelpthemselves