What Is Meditation Anyway, Really?

There are many variations, postures, disciplines, and types of meditation, so it's no wonder people wonder what type will benefit them the most.

Meditation has many different names in different traditions, like "watching the mind", "mindfulness" "quiet contemplation", "japa", "sadhana", "mahamudra", "soul searching", and for HMHB we call it "awareness training." We have refined the best of meditative practices from across the globe for over thirty years to deliver a daily practice that can benefit anyone to help calm the mind & body, develop focus, promote greater physical health, and ignite our most genuine and peaceful self from the inside out!

Really, what meditation is, at its essence in all traditions, both spiritual and scientific, is perpetual observation of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations with an ever-increasing calm body and quiet mind.

Meditation is not passive, it's quite active, with focus, awareness, attention being the actions. Whether you are focusing on breath, your body, your movement, intentions, or prayer, you are doing so from an active place of awareness.

Meditation is not limited to a spiritual practice, as many Western researchers in particular have proven. Activating our innate sense of awareness, quieting the mind, and calming the body are skills everyone can benefit from regardless of belief or experience.

Even just setting aside 10-15 a minutes a day of time where you have to sit alone quietly with yourself, will make a huge impact on your ability to calm your mind, your body, and even allow you to heal better. (See current RESEARCH on the surprising benefits of meditation at the bottom of this blog as well as how meditation is just one component of the self-healing puzzle.)

Our HMHB daily practice is suitable for beginners, and comprehensive enough for advanced practitioners. CLICK HERE to our free foundations program page, and click on the green box to start the guided audio daily practice. HMHB guides children and adults through:

1) awareness of body

2) breath practices to focus/calm/slow the mind and body