A Day In The Life: The HMHB Classroom

The structure of administering HMHB programming is going to be different for every school or group, and that's OK! The program is meant to be flexible to meet the needs of each of its participants.

Though, here are some simple structural guidelines that can be applied across the board to make your HMHB experience successful, memorable, and lasting far beyond the classroom for your students.

Getting To Know You:

It's important to take some time to get to know more deeply about the thoughts, insights,

feelings and temperaments of your group members. Here are some simple activities that try to go a little deeper, either at the beginning of your program, or during the course of your program.

1) You can ask your group to tell you 5 things that stress them or that bother other kids their age AND 5 common mistakes they think they make individually, or as kids of a certain age. This helps you to gauge how insightful and reflective your students are, and how you can help them stay accountable to these stressors and mistakes during your program.

2) You can hand out a sheet of blank paper with the question on the top being: “I wish my group leader knew about this about me…” Encourage kids to write something deeper than surface level (like I like the color blue, or I play minecraft, etc.) and ask them to write something that you would never know about them just by being with them in class.

Beginning, Middle, End:

It's important to provide consistency. Without persistence and patience there can be no progress. Your biggest job as a group leader will be reinforcing the daily practice, healthy habits, and using the face it and erase it tools moment to moment during the day. Below are some ideas to meet all these benchmarks easily during a school day.

Beginning: Start your d