How To Work With LIGHT

There are so many ways you benefit and help others using your Light Meditation. May The Light Force Be With You!

Want to know why HMHB uses Light Meditation? It's quite simple really. Light is the force on planet Earth that allows everything to grow and thrive. We can connect to this force anytime, anywhere to help us grow from the inside out. It is not something you have to believe in whatsoever. It's a Kinetic Psychology practice that has been proven to help individuals of all ages feel a greater sense of peace, self-understanding, and self-control. But don't take our word for it, try it for yourself and see what you experience during your Light Meditation practice!

You simply say this: "I call on the Light to fill, surround, and protect me for the highest good."

Sit quietly, and feel your body. Then guide your attention to each part of your body as you say this:

The light is in...

my body

my feet

my hands

my head & my mind

all my senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting & talking

my heart

Just remember to always have your attention in your heart center when you put people, places, or problems in Light. This makes it a loving kindness practice, and it starts to help the whole world this way! Light IS love, truth, wisdom, it is the source of all those beautiful forces and qualities. In order to evolve (and evolve more easily and quickly) we connect to Light, so that our evolution goes like this: Come to Light --> Enter Light --> Become Light.

Remember that whatever you think, you become. So be sure to always check why you are putting something in the Light. It is never a good decision to ask the Light to get you anything. (i.e. "Light please get me a new bike.") The Light is not for granting wishes like a genie in a bottle. The best way to make progress is to ask Light to show you