Hello Friends! 


If you would like to provide an entire year (or semester) of digital wellness curriculum to your school or group, look no further! HMHB Teen Club Zen can be utlilized in a variety of ways for middle school and high school: 


  • As a semester long unit in a Health Class or as a class of its own 
  • As an invited group during study hall, lunch, before/after school with school counselors, or teacher  
  • As an after school club open to all students all year long 
  • As a monthly homeroom workshop 


If your group is 25-100 students, take advantage of this online deal. For groups over 250, contact HMHB directly for pricing. Our awesome collection of mini video lessons and activities available to you and your kids at the click of a button. This 20% off rate is only lasting until October 31st.  


See the steps on our SHOP page to make sure you get access to your full program! 

SEMESTER HMHB Teen Club Zen, 25-100 students

$500.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price