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HMHB is always in need of partners in progress who want to help themselves, and then help kids help themselves. Check out the HMHB job for you below! 

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Group Leader & School/Group Connector:  

What We Are About: 

HMHB is looking for partners in progress! 

Do you want a freelance job that you can feel good about? Better yet, how about a freelance job that makes you (and those around you) healthier and happier in the process? 

Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Kids Programs ® are online youth wellness programs for kids ages 2-18, and our mission is to "help kids help themselves" with simple, yet powerful tools for focusing, calming the mind, "facing & erasing" negative emotions, self-awareness, and character education. Our approach and tools come from over 40 years of practical research from our adult nonprofit Adventures In Consciousness. 


Group leaders are the grown ups that help connect us to schools & groups, and who administer HMHB programs at schools & groups. We offer one-on-one support every step of the way to our Group Leaders, so you're never left hanging. Learning and experiencing the tools of the HMHB program for yourself, which are at the forefront of self-healing and mental health, can deeply enrich the quality of your own life, as well as give you a career changing edge in education, social work, mental health, health/wellness coaching, counseling, psychology, psychiatry, and exceptional leadership in any field. 

Who We Are Looking For: 

Group Leaders are the first and most important step in helping kids help themselves. Really, you only need three qualities to become an HMHB Group Leader & Connector: connection, commitment & compassion. Simply put, if you are committed to helping yourself, and to helping others on a personal level, then this is the job for you. To learn more about what HMHB and Group Leaders are all about, see this page: Become A Group Leader.

We are looking for individuals who want to receive Group Leader Level One training (a 1.5 hour online training video + 2-3 weeks practicing on your own + an online informal interview & coaching with HMHB headquarters + viewing our How To Connect video & connection documents) This training process is given to you at $20 (with a discount code) normally $40, and gives you the experience, tools, and confidence necessary to begin to speak about HMHB to potential schools or groups that might be interested in our programs. This takes about a month, where you learn at your own pace, and everything is streamlined thanks to our account with Bamboo HR.  We'll have communication with you every step of the process. 

More Details About The Job: 


You decide which of our programs you'd like for your focus: Zen Tots (ages 2-4) HMHB Kids (ages 5-11) & Teen Club Zen (ages 12-18). You then make phone calls (or in-house visits if you like) to schools & groups, and when they sign up with a HMHB full program you receive 30% commission.


You will not be asked to do any official signing of contracts, rather your job is to introduce HMHB, so that by the time we talk to the school or group they already feel pretty comfortable about working with us. You will be guided as to how to go about this calling/follow up process, and everything has been created for you (and your potential client) in the form of promo videos, web site links, copy/paste emails, and downloadable PDF starter kits. 


Furthermore, if you'd like to be an official Group Leader administering any HMHB program at a school or group, the starting hourly rate is $18. With further training, you can earn up to $40 an hour. 

After you've gone through your training process the idea is you connect with 3-10 schools/groups a week. You create your own contacts, and we help you figure out the best way to start curating your connection list. The best is to start with the schools, groups, community leaders, and teachers you know personally, then we give you online databases of schools & groups you can choose from. 

Job Requirements: 

1) Access to your own email, computer, and phone 

2) Good verbal communication, i.e. you are articulate, listen, & enjoy engaging people in conversation  

3) Have a commitment to your own upward growth and well being

4) Have a genuine interest in helping children & adults become happier and healthier 

5) Are 18 years or older 

6) Speak fluent English 

7) Are a U.S Citizen or possess a valid work/study permit 

Earning Potential: 

You will be paid a commission once a school or group has signed up for HMHB. Our starting program price point is $250, which gives you a $75 commission. Program costs are graduated based upon the number of kids participating, so the larger the group size the more a program costs. On average, a HMHB program is about $500, which gives you $150. Plus, if you decide to be a Group Leader you start with $18 per hour, and after more training you can reach up to $40 per hour. You can be a Group Leader at as many schools or groups as you'd like. 

How Do I Apply? 

Just click the button below. It will take you to our Bamboo HR job description and application page where you can start your journey with us. We look forward to meeting you and becoming partners in progress.