HMHB 1-2-3! 



Read this page, and watch the how-to video to learn about how HMHB digital wellness programs work. Download our INFO KITS on this page. Learn more, or start practicing for free all our programs: HMHB Zen Tots, HMHB Kids, & HMHB Teen Club Zen.


You need a grown up to become a group leader and be our point of contact. Call or email us if you're interested! 


Do a full HMHB program and have fun doing it! Then share HMHB with others. 

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 Want to be a real-life super hero?


What are the program basics?

hmhb after school program

DAY OR AFTER SCHOOL CARE (Summer Programs, Camps & Intensives, Guest Workshop Series)  

HMHB home schoolers

FAMILIES & HOME SCHOOLERS (Learning groups, Co-ops, Neighborhood Groups, Self-Learners) 

SCHOOLS (Pre-school, Elementary, Junior High, High School, Montessori, Gifted, Arts, Private or Public) 

School Meditation Program

Is HMHB right for me?


 ZEN TOTS (for ages 2-4, perfect for pre-schools, "parent & me" classes, daycare, and aftercare. See the first two lessons by clicking Zen Tots.)

HMHB KIDS PROGRAM  (for grades K-5, our most comprehensive programs geared for schools, groups, and families. Practice the first few lessons of our K-3 or 4th-5th full HMHB Kids Program, by clicking HMHB Kids Program.) 

 TEEN CLUB ZEN (a club or class for teens to learn real tools for real change. Practice TCZ tools by clicking on Teen Club Zen.) 











girl doing breath awareness meditation

DAILY "FACE IT & ERASE IT" SESSIONS (using the kinetic psychology revolutionary tools of Feeling the Feeling, SLT®, The Three Questions, Finger Tapping, or Stop, Drop, Chop for working on targeted feelings from your HIT LIST, as well using these tools anytime, anywhere when you need them) 


(an awareness training sequence to develop physical and intellectual focus, opening of kinetic emotional channels, calming and balancing of thoughts and feelings, and strengthening of self-awareness)

DOING WEEKLY ADVENTURES (depending on the age group,  kids learn and experience HMHB through videos, handouts, a workbook, reflective writing, stories, coloring pages, songs, dances, flash cards, guided discussions, individual "adventures" and group challenges to learn about positive character qualities, how to get along with others, how we're all connected as energy, and "the how & why" of working on ourselves with a philosophy that

practice + patience + persistence = progress. 


How do I get started?  


We are teaching kids and grown ups the most incredible self-awareness tools to help themselves from the inside out! Start learning right now about your very own superpower of awareness for a happier, healthier mind and body. Check out our manifesto and programs. Then practice along with us and see for yourself how easy it is to help yourself! 

character education
parent and child meditation

Download our HMHB INFO KITS for information about HMHB practices and programs. You can also find individual program info kits below.  

hmhb the boys and girls club

OTHER YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS (Community Groups, Nonprofits (e.g.The Boys & Girls Club), Counseling Groups, Public Library Groups, Yoga Centers, & National Youth Organizations (e.g. Boys & Girls Scouts of America) 

Want to learn more? 


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