Oct 22, 2017

Stop Drop Chop & More!

When using Stop Drop Chop, the most important thing to remember is not to skip steps: Drop your mind BEFORE you put your attention on the feeling. This will help you immensely, so make it a habit :)


Remember that wherever there is anger there is also fear, so look for it inside. If you are angry because someone called you a mean name, look for the fear inside that says “I’m afraid of this person, or I'm afraid what that person said was true.” Even if you don’t think you have anger or fear surrounding a mistake you or someone else made, still look for it, or just try using an SLT phrase and see what happens. Doing this can lead to major break-throughs and progress inside.


How you do one thing is how you do everything. This means to notice the quality with which you do big actions and small actions. See if you notice any similarities. For example, do you wait until the last minute to do things? Or do you always worry about how well you will do something? Just look and you'll find a pattern that is not just happening for one event, but for many events in your life. Once you catch your pattern, face and erase the feelings behind it using Stop Drop Chop in the moment each time it comes up to eventually face & erase a whole habit pattern!


After you have stop, dropped, and chopped a feeling, GO INTO YOUR HEART CENTER AND STAY THERE FOR AWHILE. Stay there for a few minutes and experience your Higher Consciousness and the peace that came from facing & erasing. If you feel more feelings or sensations in your heart center, put your attention on them until they melt. Do this everyday, and you will make very quick progress.


See the attached video to see a mini demo on how to use Jin Sin Jhytsu. Use it once a week for a full body balancing tune up. It can help with the health of your five major organs and can help balance your emotions as well, making you feel even calmer during your week :)



If someone is having a panic attack, you can have them hold their index finger, or you can hold it for them to help balance their fear and return them to a calmer state too.

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