Sep 20, 2017

Zen Tips For Your Daily Practice


Edited: Oct 6, 2017


The most important thing to remember about your daily practice is: consistency is key. Just like anything we do in life, if we are consistent, we will see results.


1) Ideally you should be committing to the daily practice 2 times a day- morning & evening. Great times to do your daily practice are:


- Right after you wake up

- Before you go to school

- During a study hall/before school/after school with your practice partner(s)

- After you get home from school (before you sit down to do your homework)

- Before you go to sleep


Note: When you meet with other club members to do daily practice and you can't seem to find a quiet environement where you won't be interrupted, simply use a smart phone and some head phones to listen to the guided daily practice- either listen as an indivual or share the head phones.


2) Create a space or "Zen Zone" for you to do your daily practice where you can be quiet and alone. This could mean creating a space in your home, at school, in your car-- whenever you create an inviting, peaceful, and safe physical space for your practice, you will be more inclined to commit to your practice.


2) If you're having trouble "feeling anything" from your light meditation, or simply not feeling any different after you do your daily practice, here are some reasons/things you can do:


- People have different levels of openness on an energetic level. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time (at least a month) of doing daily practice (i.e. specifically alternate nostril breathing & light meditation) to open energy channels more in the body.

- If you are a very cerebral or intellectual person (thinking many thoughts all the time) it can be more difficult for you to cut through it all. Again, this just takes some time of doing consistent practice, but don't get discouraged.

- You might actually be blocked energetically, which can happen very easily if you are around people all day long (which most of us are) or if you take prescription medications for altering mood and attention. Do the TCZ Clearing Practice (Week #2) and see if that helps you feel clearer, have a greater flow of energy in your body, or experience more physically the energy of the light meditation.



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