HMHB helps kids helps themselves through practices in self-awareness, meditation, erasing negative emotions, and character education. HMHB curriculum has application and benefit beyond any one system such as traditional mindfulness models, law of attraction, positive psychology, TM (Transcendental Meditation), Social Emotional Learning (SEL), Hatha Yoga, or QT (Quiet Time). 

THE PROBLEM WORTH SOLVING: Negative emotions are public enemy number one on the planet, as they are the root of all pain and suffering.

Our solution:Our tools and practices effectively erase negative emotions at the root, permanently, and allow people to consciously evolve all on their own.


TARGET MARKET: HMHB is creating powerful, yet simple programming for anyone anywhere in the world to administer to our future-- kids, ages 2-18. We are targeting: 

  • Schools (public, private parochial, montessori)

  • After School/ After Care 

  • Home Schoolers 

  • High School Clubs 

  • Nonprofits that help children (like The Boys & Girls Club, or BBBS) 

  • Pre-schools/nursery schools 

  • Companies that provide childcare (like Kindercare) 

  • Families 

  • Community Groups (like neighborhood alliances or faith-based organizations)

  • Counseling/Help Centers for Youth 



Though absolutely no program for children is teaching what we teach (namely face it & erase it tools and insight strategies), or offering a comprehensive learning digital program (for free & for purchase) available to anyone, anywhere, there are programs out there that have traction in the mainstream.

Yoga 4 Classrooms 

Uses physical mov

ement & breath to relieve stress, has activities for anti-bullying & self- empowerment, no 


 Kindness Curriculum

Center For Healthy Minds, Summer 2017 program, teaching compassion & kindness, attention & breath.

Project Wisdom

Character education, but no meditation or insight tools.

Character Counts!

Character education, but no meditation or insight tools.

QT (Quiet Time) 

 Being quiet, doing a quiet activity, or following a TM (Transcendental Meditation) twice a day for 15 minutes. David Lynch Foundation.

Minds UP! 

Expensive, positive psychology model, simple meditation, Hawn Foundation celebrity endorsement.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL) based, expensive, clinical terminology & learning models, no insight.

Mindful Schools

Provides courses for

teachers in mindfulness, not geared toward 

children directly. Expensive.

OUR SALES CHANNELS & REVENUE STREAMS: HMHB has diverse revenue streams and a simple sales channel directly on our web site. Revenue streams below:

  • Programs (Zen Tots®, HMHB Kids Program®, Teen Club Zen®, Group Leader & Teacher Training)

  • Membership Subscription ($5 a month, $55 for a year) 

  • Books (Zen Frog® book series, 3 total) 

  • In-person Workshops, Classes & Retreats (Regional, Local, & Client Request) 

  • Online Teaching & Counseling ("One-on-One's" available on our web site) 

  • Merchandise (Kid tattoos, Zen Frog stuffed "practice pal", drop your mind bells & more) 

OUR EXPENSES: HMHB has both short-term and long-term expenses aligned with our goals. Defined as: short term (1-2 years) & long term (2-5 years) + operating costs (continual)


  • Finishing development of programming (filming & graphic design) 

  • Program Accreditation (for each program) 

  • Marketing & Outreach (to schools, groups, & press) 

  • Publishing (printing of books) 

  • Completion of registered trademarks

  • Staff salary (program director)

  • Joining education associations

  • Regional in-person workshops (teachers & student ambassadors) 

  • Assessment of surveys for research


  • Physical location for teaching & retreats (teachers, students, families)

  • Expansion of HMHB merchandise

  • National & International workshops (teachers, parents, & student ambassadors)  

  • Speaking engagements (press & educational) 

  • Scholarships for teachers & students

  • Developing specialized programming (parents, school districts, large non-profits serving youth)

  • Expansion of staff

  • Investment Portfolio for long term sustainability


  • Web site maintenance

  • Association membership fees

  • In-house graphic design/copy editing

  • Marketing/Outreach + staff to help

  • Recurring Accreditation fees 

  • Publishing printing costs 

  • Education & Market research

  • Background check fees

our goals & milestones to meet: After looking at our expenses you can get some idea of our short and long term goals. The following are benchmarks or milestones we hope to meet for the next five years.


EXPAND NUMBER OF OPERATING PROGRAMS (We will work to see these numbers double every year, or more.) 

100  group leader training

50   HMHB KIDS  

25   zen tots

25   teen club zen 


EXPAND NUMBER OF Email subscribers, memberships, Books, student ambassadoRS, Kids served & Certified teachers (We will work to see these numbers double every year, or more.) 

1000 kids served  

300  email subscribers  

150  memberships

100  zen frog books 

25   student ambassadors  

5     certified teachers


recurring yearly: A recurring giving of $200,000 for 5 years would completely cover our operational and aspirational expenses. We could accomplish our short-term goals, and feel very secure in meeting our long-term goals. 





ONE-TIME GIVING: A        one-time giving of $1,500,000 would completely cover our operational and aspirational expenses. We could  accomplish our short-term goals, and make immediate down payments on our long-term goals. 

Special projectS:  There's some special projects & properties we've had our eye on. For example, there is a shut-down school in Ventura country we'd like to renovate, as well as a large piece of property in Casitas Springs that can be used as an incredible retreat & learning center. Each of these projects have a varying range of investment. We are in contact with the people in charge of these properties, and can get more exacting financials easily. We would need approximately $2-3 Million for each project.