Group Leaders Can Be: Teachers, Parents, Family Members, Mentors, Counselors, College Students, Caregivers, Community Leaders- any grown up that wants to help themselves, and then help kids help themselves. Group Leaders help administer a HMHB program with a school or group, anywhere in the world. A Group Leader really only needs these two qualities: commitment & compassion.

Become A Group Leader

Zen Frog Says:

"You can't help others until you can help yourself."



To understand how being a Group Leader works watch our Group Leader Partner In Progress Video above. To find out the type of Group Leader you are, see the Group Leader Tracks on the bottom of this page. Whether you're a teacher or staff member in a school or group, a volunteer or parent wanting to give back to your community or family, or a wellness or education professional who wants to gain qualifications and earning potential, we have a Group Leader track for you. Once you know your track, go ahead and click on the "apply here" button below your track. You will be redirected to our page where can apply. 


No matter your track, everyone needs to watch the GROUP LEADER TRAINING WORKSHOP PACKAGE ($40 in our Shop) *includes over an hour of guided  instruction, a handy fill in the blank "key notes" packet, and essential learning documents 


Then practice for yourself the daily practice and foundational face it and erase it tools for six weeks. When using the face it and erase it tools, work on five or more feelings until they are a ZERO. When you feel as though you could guide someone else through the daily practice and face it & erase it tools, fill out the GROUP LEADER INTAKE FORM where you'll answer some questions and schedule an informal video chat interview with HMHB.


Meet with us over video chat. You'll guide us through the daily practice and face it and erase it tools. We'll give you feedback, answer any of your questions, run a back ground check (if you haven't had one in the past year) and get you started as an official Group Leader. 



(Drop us a line & tell us a little about yourself too...) 


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